St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

God Cares For You

1 Peter 5:7—Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Dear friends and warriors who work to preserve our health and safety in various ways. First, let me say, “Thank you!” Thank you for all your efforts before this pandemic ever happened. Efforts that all too often are taken for granted. As this dangerous pathogen has moved into and is spreading in our small peninsula, I know that as prepared, skilled, and careful as you are, you still put yourself in harm’s way to protect our community and restore health to the sick. Please know that I am keeping you in my prayers every day. I also intend to share a passage and short encouragement with you a few times each week.

This week, as tensions grow in our community, in your workplace, and even in your own hearts, remember the Apostle Peter’s encouragement: “Cast all your anxiety on [Jesus] because he cares for you” (1 Pt. 5:7). As you care for the people of our community, remember that Jesus is always caring for them. And he’s always caring for you too. When you feel overwhelmed or in harm’s way, remember that the God who saves you is with you, and will bless you and those you serve. Remember to turn to your Lord in prayer. Your Lord who loved you so much, he gave his only Son to serve, live, die, and rise again for you.